Food and Beverage Vendor Application


Applying to sell food or drink? Wonderful! We have some important application information for you, so please read the following: If you are bringing canned or packaged food or beverages for sale and/or barter, please fill out the Market Vendor application instead. If you are preparing and serving made to order fresh festival fare on site, you've navigated to the right application. 

Also, there will be no sale of alcoholic beverages on the premises at this particular family focused festival, but we’ll certainly be celebrating in good spirits! 

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October 8th-10th 2021 

Market Bazaar vendor hours are

  • 1pm-6pm on Friday the 8th,
  • 9am-6pm on Saturday the 9th, and
  • 9am-4pm on Sunday the 10th.


Serenity Valley Farm LLC 6900 W 80th St., Fremont, MI 49412 USA


Food vendor registration costs $100 and includes two general admission tickets. All fees are non-refundable and must be paid in completion to reserve your spot.


After your application is accepted, you’ll receive an email with payment instructions and link. Upon payment, you will receive an email confirmation of your reservation!

Advertising and Promotion:

We really want this event to be a success and strongly encourage and humbly request your help with advertising. We ask that you please help out with promoting this event to your circle. We primarily are advertising this event to the Bears and family. We have a big community, and we know the Bears can do some amazing things, so please help to get the word out about the event and your presence there and help make this a legendary first ever Midwest Bear Fest! Please email us for flyers, posters and more.

Check In, Set Up and Unloading:

Setup is available the day before (Thursday, October 7th) from 3pm-7pm. We are not responsible for any theft, loss, damage ect. to items that are left overnight. Friday morning setup is available until 12:30pm. The market opens at 1pm and we ask that you be fully set up 30 minutes prior to opening. All personal vehicles must be out of the market area by market start. When you arrive, please stop by and check in at our information booth for any additional information you may need as well as directions for parking and navigation. Always plan on having your own carts, dollies, and help unloading, but if you need an extra hand unloading, our staff will be happy to help! After you unload, please move your personal vehicle to the designated parking area. 

Booth Area and Presentation

Each booth space is 10ft x10ft and will be outdoors. All vendors must provide their own food truck (if applicable), pop up tent, cooking equipment, tables, chairs, displays, etc. However, if you have any needs or requests, reach out and we will do our best to assist and accommodate you! It is also suggested to bring tarps or coverings just in case. We ask that no one leave their space, equipment and merchandise unattended. If you need to use the bathroom or take a break, please ask someone to watch your space. One of our staff would be glad to watch it for you!

Takedown and End of Market

There are no early takedowns allowed until the market is over at 4pm on Sunday. We understand that each event is a long day but customers who come at the end deserve the same experience as those that came when the market first opens. 

We know that everyone will want to get out as quickly as possible. With this, we will not allow any cars into the market area until 4:15pm. This allows us to get all the customers out and to make sure we control traffic in a safe manner. We ask that you do not pull your vehicle in until all your stuff is packed up and can be loaded quickly into your vehicle. This way we can get cars in and out fast so everyone has an easier time getting out. Please do not leave any items or garbage behind.

Sale of Food

Food may only be sold by pre-approved vendors. All market canned and packaged goods food vendors must follow the Michigan Cottage Food Laws or be licensed.

Sales Tax

Sales tax is the responsibility of the vendor. The vendor must carry their own insurance and their exhibits are shown at their own risk.


The vendor must carry their own insurance and perform at their own risk.

Severe Weather:

We are going to host this event Lord willing and the creek don’t rise! We won’t let a little rain stop us from having a good time, and we hope you won’t let it stop you either.

Cancellations and Refunds:

We do not provide refunds for any reason.

Goals of the Midwest Bear Fest:

Each person may be coming in with different expectations of what this event could be. Here at Serenity Valley Farm, our goals are to connect with like minded people, bring families and the community together, learn as much as we can, and have a good time doing it! We have set up this event because this is the type of event we would like to attend ourselves. 

Family Focused Event:

We also want to make clear that this event is not just ‘family friendly’ but primarily Family Focused. That being said, we ask that you conduct yourself accordingly. 

Connect with good people, enjoy the weekend and enjoy life celebrating the good, the true and the beautiful!


Michelle Callaghan – Live Music and Food Vendor Coordinator


Phone: 251-223-0967

BTA: clearandpresent bear

Telegram: @clearandpresentbear

Application Form

Please fill out all spaces that apply. We look forward to hearing from you!