Meet The Staff

Lincoln Young


Lincoln is passionate about living off of and on the property of Serenity Valley Farm. He is also our camera man, editor and number one hype man on Site! Always up for a game or adventure and constantly brewing coffee. The first to see a vision for what Serenity Valley Farm could be and the last one to bed every night working to make it happen. He loves. talking to people and making everyone feel welcomed.

Hope Young

General and Manager

Hope is married to Lincoln Young and handles all the daily operations and project management.

Happy to answer any of your questions, feel free to connect with her via email on the communication page!


Garden Gangster

I grew up in Michigan, and after a long roundabout journey of Bible college and teaching in a Christian school in Oregon, God brought me back here close to my roots. Family is everything to me. In recent years I've become more and more passionate about healthier and more sustainable living and eating. As a child we had some years as a family growing large gardens, and some of my favorite memories were sitting on the street corner with some of my eight siblings selling extra produce to cars going by. As I one day hope to be able to have my own, I'm very excited for the opportunity to help at Serenity Valley Farm this summer gaining skills and contributing to the real wealth of close knit family and community.